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2022-10-22 15:41:21

3D Printer

Bigger, lighter, more worry free

The Guide 3 is a new generation of lightweight 3D printer, featuring larger printing space ratio and convenient nozzle replacement. The equipment is equipped with dual printing platform selection scheme, quick disassembly nozzle, HEPA 13 air filtration, remote monitoring and other functions, providing intelligent and convenient printing experience for education, small enterprises, and individual users. It is a cost-effective choice for small batch production applications.

3D Printer

For small batch production

Lightweight equipment+powerful production management system ensure stable and continuous operation of the production and development process for 7 * 24 hours, suitable for multi scenario applications.

Power failure recovery system

Prevent sudden power failure, save printing progress, and continue printing after power supply is restored

Integrated equipment management system

Slicing software FlashPrint5 realizes multi machine joint control, and integrated equipment management can be carried out in small batch production

Real time monitoring of printing process

With its own camera, the printing process can be monitored in real time through the software FlashPrint5 and UI interface, and the printing status is very clear

Open material system

320 ℃ high temperature nozzle is suitable for a variety of consumables and supports third-party materials, ABS/PLA/PC/PA/HIPS/ASA/PETG/PA-CF, etc., suitable for a variety of applications

3D Printer

Main features

The leader is specially designed for small batch production applications. The lightweight and compact body structure, simple and powerful management system, and fast and efficient delivery capability ensure the continuous small batch manufacturing process in various scenarios, and provide a low-cost and simple production mode.

3D Printer

Lightweight and compact design, flexible layout of production space

The new body structure design improves the utilization rate of the internal space of the equipment, realizes the control of the size of the equipment while expanding the printing volume, occupies a small area, and flexibly arranges the production line.

The frame of the whole machine is made of aluminum, and the shell is made of lightweight and durable ABS and acrylic plates. On the premise of ensuring stable printing, lightweight design is realized from the inside out.

3D Printer

Powerful dual platform system

Leader 3 cooperates with the application needs and configures two different platform options: glass platform and flexible steel platform. You can make personalized choices according to the needs of printing different consumables to adapt to more printing scenarios.

The platform can be quickly interchanged within 30s; Uniform heating at 110 ° C for better printing effect

3D Printer

Fast and efficient delivery capability

CoreXY structure for rapid production

Leader 3 assists in efficient workflow and responds to the rapid delivery needs of the customization market; The smoother CoreXY motion structure is adopted to support high-speed low-noise printing, save printing time, ensure printing stability, and bring efficient printing experience.

3D Printer

Simple operation process, easy work

Upgrade leveling system for more convenience

As the first step of successful printing, leveling is very important. Leader 3 optimizes the auxiliary+automatic leveling system to ensure your leveling operation in an all-round way.

The highly sensitive inductive proximity sensor is used to detect and save the initial flatness data of the horizontal platform. During the printing process, the Z-axis intelligent compensation platform height is used to achieve full automatic leveling.

3D Printer

Newly upgraded nozzle structure,

Quick release nozzle

The structural design of the double extrusion nozzle increases the wire feed by 150%, which is suitable for various consumables, reduces the plug situation, and is not inferior to other applications.

Quick detachable nozzle, with optional multi aperture size, is easy to replace and maintain, and can meet various use needs.

Self maintenance assistant

Built in maintenance assistant provides solutions to common printing problems, saving communication time and achieving efficient maintenance.