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2022-10-22 15:22:57

3D printer

Powerful, innovative and high-precision

As a powerful industrial 3D printer, Creator 3 has an independent dual nozzle structure "IDEX". It is the best choice for small batch rapid production, with both print quality and print precision, which can speed up the time to market and reduce costs.

3D printer

Independent double sprinkler structure

The independent dual nozzle structure improves the production capacity of Wolverine 3 printer, and also makes 3D printing easier.
3D printer

Print carbon components

As an industrial 3D printing platform, Wolverine 3 can use advanced

High performance functional components for engineering materials printing. The addition of carbon fiber material shows that

It improves the rigidity, strength and heat resistance of the printing model.

3D printer

Adapts to a variety of consumable types

Wolverine 3 nozzle supports 300 ℃, and can support most advanced consumable types, such as PLA, ABS, PA, PC, PA-CF, PA-GF

3D printer

Larger forming size

The large forming size of Wolverine 3 provides strong support for large size models and batch printing

3D printer

Magnetic type heating and bending platform

The platform is simple and flexible to assemble and disassemble, and the large-sized model can also be firmly attached to the platform, which is still easy and convenient to remove

3D printer3D printer

Built in air filtration system

While filtering harmful particles, it also regulates the internal temperature through air exchange to improve printing quality